Buildings update - out of the ground!

Date: 23rd Sep 2017 @ 11:14am

This was an important week for our new build as the foundations have been completed and we only found one unexpected water main! So now the walls will start to grow upwards and we will begin to see our new Early Years Department emerging! Keep your fingers crossed for good weather so that the bricklayers can keep working!

We have weekly progress meetings with Crossfield Construction to ensure everything goes smoothly. Currently we are organising much needed decorating work so that the Rainbow Building, which faces Bradbury Road and Crook Lane will be painted and new doors fitted. We are thinking about painting some of the panels in rainbow colours to complement the new cladding which is a rainbow design. Hopefully then everyone in our community will be aware that this is the Rainbow Building when they arrive at school!

If you are wondering what is going on behind the fences here are some photographs!

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