KS1 WOW Ending to Willow Wood Works

Date: 20th Jul 2017 @ 1:54pm

What a fabulous WOW ending to this term's topic of Willow Wood Works!

Clever Cog Learning brought some amazing role play areas for us to learn in.

We could be archeologists, crime scene detectives, vets, doctors and nurses!

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Ms Tomlinson wrote:

Fabulous! There was such a buzz of learning when I visited you all!
Well done for aiming high children!

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Bella wrote:

Hi ms Tomlinson those pictures of the nursery potos look amazing I love all the different costrums by Bella

Ms Tomlinson wrote:

Hi Bella!
You are right the children loved dressing up and role-playing the different jobs. I hope some of them will be police officers, vets, archaeologists, and doctors when they grow up!

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Haylyigh wrote:

I love willow wood xxxxxxxxx

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