Who's been eating our porridge?!

Date: 14th Sep 2019 @ 9:07pm

This Tuesday, we stumbled upon a crime scene in our classroom! We pretended to be detectives and looked for clues to find out who our intruder was! We found a broken chair, a slept in bed and three bowls of porridge, one of which had been totally eaten up! We also found a lock of golden hair, a blue hair ribbon and a necklace with the letter 'G' on it. We decided that it MUST be Goldilocks who had broken into our classroom and made herself at home in the role play area! How exciting. As part of our literacy lessons, we created drawings and 'wanted' posters to see if anybody else had seen Goldilocks. On Friday we decided to make some more porridge as a class, to see if we could lure Goldilocks back! We all helped to measure out, stir and cook the porridge and enjoyed having a bowl each for snack too. Keep checking back on our class blog to see what happens with Goldilocks next. 

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