Year 5 Magnolia & Elm 2019 - 2020

Mrs Kay

Mrs Kay

Dear Parents / Carers

Welcome to our new school year at Willow Wood. So far this term the children have settled in very well and are enjoying their new classes, now they are in ‘Upper Key Stage 2’.  Thank you to those parents who attended our ‘Meet and Greet’ event on Tuesday 15th October. If you were unable to attend please see a member of the team to find out any key information that you missed.  We have got a busy and exciting year to look forward to, and hope the children are as enthusiastic about their new surroundings as we are! Year 5 is a crucial year in your child’s development, as we consolidate the curriculum taught in years 3 and 4, but also start to build the foundations for year 6.


<b>Reading</b> For Kids Kids <b>reading</b>Our English lessons will have a strong emphasis towards developing our non-fiction writing, as well as building on our narrative skills from prior learning. Within these lessons, we will be focusing on developing the children’s ‘SPAG’ (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) capabilities; in line with the National Curriculum, this includes being fully aware of the terminology that is used within writing styles. This term we will focus on poetry, Beauty and the beast and in our non fiction writing we will be looking at non chronological reports with the Jabberwocky.  Linked to our writing, within our reading sessions the children will be expanding their familiarity with non-fiction texts, with a strong focus on understanding the vocabulary that is used. We will discuss some books by the authors Philip Pullman.  We will also be developing our comprehension and inference skills as we discuss texts, and we would like to develop a reading culture where the children are asking questions as they develop a true love of books. We ask for your continued support at home by reading regularly with your child and putting comments in their reading diary; we are aiming for a minimum requirement of reading 4 times at home a week. Your child will also have spelling lists to learn to supplement activities we are doing in class to be tested the next week. Spelling tests will be every Wednesday. Should you require any clarification or help in any way to support your child with their English, we will be more than happy to help.

In our Mathematics lessons this term, we will be creating a firm basis of number knowledge, particularly with regards to place value, addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. Towards the end of term, we will look at statistics.  As the children develop their number knowledge, they will be challenged to think mathematically, and apply their knowledge to problems and reasoning. This includes considering why an answer is correct or incorrect, and looking at patterns in number that they already know and applying it to a new situation. We will have regular times table challenges, and as time goes on these will include knowing the related division facts. Times table tests will be every Wednesday.  Therefore, as always, we would ask for your support to help your child learn their times tables, and allow them to help with any number-based activity that they may come across outside of school (shopping, weighing ingredients out, measuring, party-planning with numbers(!), etc).


Image result for newton meter cartoonThis term’s Science topic lends itself brilliantly to carrying out many experiments and investigations. We are looking at The Earth and our solar system followed by forces (gravity, friction, air and water resistance, etc.), and the tasks that the children will encounter will involve a lot of problem solving and asking questions.  A focus will be on the more advanced levels of questioning, which often begin with ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’. Alongside their investigations, the children will be developing their ability to draw a conclusion with a reason, and also using key vocabulary to enhance their scientific writing.


Our main topic this term has a historical focus, as we study Ancient Egypt. With such an enormous amount of information available, we will be able to develop many historical skills. Amongst other aspects, the children will be examining evidence to solve problems, looking at sources, increasing their chronological knowledge, making comparisons between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Britain, and identifying differences between then and now. They have already posed some questions of their own that they will be trying to answer! We will also incorporate Geography, Art and Design skills within the topic, alongside looking at the design and structure of The Pyramids.


Within our Computing sessions, we will be building up our basic skills in using a computer, such as using a keyboard effectively and copying and pasting text.  This is as well as experiencing a variety of apps on the iPads. We will be looking at using ICT for advertising, and later on developing Computer Aided Design as we become architects.


Image result for shared religionIn RE we will start with looking at Christianity and how Christians spread ‘Good News’, and up to Christmas, we will look more at Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Later in the year, pupils will explore some other world religions. Developing a strong understanding of the faiths of others and ourselves, contributes to creating our children into respectful and knowledgeable global citizens.


Also this term we will be looking at ‘Respect’ and then ‘Getting on and falling out’ in our SEAL sessions. We will be discussing all the changes we have experienced and celebrating new experiences that are coming up. The children will also be exploring some of the ‘British Values’, as we look at creating responsible members of society.



Physical Education lessons will be taught weekly within our own classes. All children will have PE on Monday. We will also have swimming on a Wednesday. It is vital that children have the correct PE kits in school, comprising of white T-shirts, black shorts/skorts and black pumps.  As long as there is no rain, we will be outdoors so suitable warm clothing is essential. This includes trainers rather than plimsolls (pumps), and a tracksuit.


Thursdays will be busy for us, with breaks from a ‘normal’ routine. The children will continue to have Spanish lessons and we will also be having music lessons with an external provider. There will be a separate letter to provide further details, but at Willow Wood, children in year 5 take part in the Wider Opportunities First Access programme. This enables all students to learn a musical instrument and lessons take place in the hall as a whole year group. Should the correct forms be signed, once assigned an instrument pupils are able to take them home, and we work towards a performance with the Halle Orchestra. We are sure you will agree this is an amazing opportunity for the children, and one that we as staff can’t wait for!


We are sure you will agree that support from home will enable our children to progress quickly, and you are therefore aware of what your child is learning in school. Homework will be set every Friday, will be due in on Wednesday. This is likely to include an English or Maths task, and there will be regular spelling lists to learn too.


As mentioned at our Meet and Greet event, the children will be going on a residential to Tattenhall outdoor centre, Wednesday 6th November - Friday 8th November.  A separate letter has been issued providing full details, so make sure you have checked your child’s bag!


As always expectations at Willow Wood continue to remain high; our children have settled in brilliantly with a positive attitude to learning!  We maintain our drive to ensure our children learn to their full potential. We hope the children will thoroughly enjoy their learning journey with us using our indoor and outdoor environment at Willow Wood.  We are looking forward to an excellent year together and, as always, really appreciate any support and help you can give them at home.


If you have any issues or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to working with your children.

Mrs Kay, Mr Aspinall, Mrs Clarke, & Mrs Green

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