Early Years

ECERS - Top Marks!

(Early Years Education Rating Scale)

We are really proud of our Early Years Team - children and staff! They have scored top marks for the second year running in this annual assessment of the quality of teaching, learning and the environment for our youngest pupils.

Here are some of the comments from the report.

Books are to be found throughout and used to support learning areas.

The book area has a variety of books including superhero books to engage boys.

On the day of the observation a parent sat as children eagerly shared stories with her.

The environment is print rich with words and photographs to give visual clues.

There are many opportunities for children to communicate, staff encourage the use of talking partners which gives all children the opportunity to talk and share ideas in large group time, there are further opportunities to talk in review time.

Children are regularly questioned to support their learning. Staff used open ended questions to encourage children to give longer answers.

There are many resources which support children’s natural curiosity within the continuous provision both indoors and out for children to access during child initiated play. 

There are many developmentally appropriate fine motor materials accessible. 

The art area is well stocked and there are opportunities for children to express themselves individually in 2d and 3d work. Their work is valued and celebrated in displays. 

Block play continues to be a strength, and is accessible indoors and outdoors.

The nature/science area had a comprehensive range of natural resources, activities, books, games and puzzles to encourage exploration and enquiry. 

There is evidence of Maths both indoors and outdoors where children are encouraged to sort, count and order. 

ICT is used to support and enhance teaching. Children were observed joining in with “5 a day” as they joined in with Indian dancing. 

Adults are good role models showing mutual respect and a genuine warmth at being with the children. 

All staff respond to children consistently and children are praised for “doing the right thing” when resolving conflicts. 

Snack time gave children the chance to sit with friends and chat informally, taking turns in conversations.

The session provides a good balance of structure and flexibility offering time for children to explore and develop their interests. Children were highly motivated and engaged during this period. 

Outdoor areas are clearly defined and there are a variety of surfaces. Access to outdoors ensures accessibility. The addition of a new mud kitchen allows children to explore digging and creating potions as they play.  

The ECERS assessment was carried out by 2 Early Years Consultants who spent the day with us in December 2014. We scored top marks in 21 out of 36 areas, which the Consultants said was amazing and they had never scored a setting so highly before!

Congratulations to all staff, children and parents involved in this team - no wonder our Reception children love coming to school and make such good progress!