FAST 2018

Families and Schools Together An award-winning programme

Bringing parents, children, teachers and the wider community together.

Helping families to support their child's learning

How FAST works

The eight-week programme helps children improve their skills in reading, writing and maths – as well as encouraging a positive attitude to learning.

It also helps parents support their child's learning and development at home.

FAST has already transformed the lives of thousands of families in the UK. Between 2009 and 2015, 11,658 families took part in the programme.

Why does FAST work?

By building supportive relationships within families and across communities, FAST helps improve children’s engagement in learning and can have a huge impact on their life chances and wellbeing.

FAST supports families by:  

  • helping children improve their skills in reading, writing and maths – as well as encouraging good behaviour and a positive attitude to school and learning
  • helping parents get more involved in their child’s education, so they can support learning and development at home
  • encouraging stronger bonds between parents and their child, their child’s school, other parents and the wider community.

FAST at Willow Wood.

At Willow Wood it's our Year 1 families that take part in FAST.  This year we are running 2 hubs with up to 10 families in each, so places are limited.  FAST starts on Tuesday 23rd January and runs for the next 8 weeks.  Please see Mrs Ullein for more information and to sign your family up!

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Willow Wood Community Primary School

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Main Contact: Helen Tolley, School Business Manager

Tel: 01606 593896