Our Curriculum

At Willow Wood we love learning and want to share a zest for knowledge, learning and skills to all our learners.

The curriculum is everything we learn and do. We deliver a curriculum which is broad, rich and deep.

We also believe in making learning fun, investigative and hand-ons and so engaging for busy, enquiring minds. We encourage our children to ask questions, listen to each other, work cooperatively and so develop their critical thinking skills.

We have developed our own Learning Challenge Curriculum based on the new curriculum, which was introduced for all year groups from Spetember 2015.  Our curriculum is based on a series of themes and focus questions for the children to explore and is captured in our beautiful, 'Floor Books', which are displayed in the classrooms and around school.

We strive to support each pupil through their school learning journey with a rich curriculum that provides pupils with an excellent range of activities and learning opportunities. It is also important to us that pupils achieve well in the key areas of literacy and numeracy as we believe that good skills in these areas should be applied across all subjects. Phonics (the sounds that letters make) is taught on a daily basis following the Letters and Sounds scheme. Willow Wood is keen to develop a love of reading for life. School uses a number of structured reading scheme books such as Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Stars as well as a rich range of real books to teach and develop reading skills. Children are encouraged to borrow from attractive library areas which are located across school. We also believe that technology should be used at the point of learning to support and enhance pupil learning. School has invested in iPads which the pupils love to use in lessons and for independent learning.

We create a climate for learning which develops each child’s unique and full potential through a rich range of teaching and learning experiences. Teachers aim to stimulate the natural curiosity of every pupil and learning in the outdoor environment, as well as indoors, is important to us. Whenever possible we provide opportunities for learning by direct experiences as we consider this to be the most exciting and effective way to learn. We also love going out on visits to learn, including residential visits in Y3, Y5 and Y6, and inviting visitors and experiences into school.

In addition to the National Curriculum, we also cover Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). We encourage tolerance and thoughtfulness amongst the children and a sense of personal responsibility. The Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) curriculum is central to our learning. As citizens of tomorrow our children are inspired to make their world a better place. Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is delivered through the Christopher Winter programme which has been adopted by all the schools in the Winsford Education Partnership (WEP). Parents have the right to withdraw their child from SRE by informing Ms Tomlinson.

Examples of the varied activities include:-

  • Music Lessons – the school has its own brass band. All pupils in year 5 are taught to play a brass instrument such as saxophone or trumpet. Pupils have the exciting opportunity to play with the Halle Orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall each year. Pupils are encouraged to continue this learning in year 6 if they wish to.
  • Elected School Council – provides opportunities for the children to have a voice within school and undertake specific projects based on pupil voice research. Over the past few years members from the school council have been involved in projects involving all the schools in Winsford aimed at improving school environments and teaching and learning as well as improving our school environment and raising money for charity.
  • Singing Festivals – we have a wonderful choir who perform at a number of festivals and concerts throughout the year including delighting the crowds at the Cheshire Show and performing at the MEN Arena alongside thousands of other primary school pupils.
  • Sports Clubs – the school encourages PE and sport and offers a wide range of after school clubs such as Gym, Dance, Football and Netball. School is involved in the local league and WEP sporting events such as National Sports Week.
  • School Clubs - we offer a wide range of after school clubs including ICT Animation, Art & Craft, Reading, Gardening and Games clubs. We encourage the children to get involved to develop their strengths and talents.
  • Residential Visits - include trips to Beeston (Y3) for an outdoor learning experience, Tattenhall (Y5) which is an Arts based residential and a Y6 residential which focuses on outdoor adventurous activities. The pupils love these visits and talk about them for years afterwards!
  • Education visits - these take place on a termly basis to enrich learning. They may take place in the locality such as a visit to a local park or superstore or further abroad such as a visit to the Science Museum in Manchester or an Art Gallery in Liverpool or a Cathedral in Chester.
  • Family Day Out - a much loved annual event, for example to Formby Beach, for all families of our infant children.
  • Arts Projects – such as the community garden and the Christmas Lights Switch On!

The School also provides a popular Breakfast Club - please enquire at the School Office if you would like your child to take this opportunity to start the day with eating breakfast and having fun with their friends. An After School club is based within the school and run by the Governing Body. The Club offers excellent standards of care along with fun and exciting activities. If you would like more information on the After School club please contact the School Office.

The large majority of our children attend our Nursery which provides a tremendous learning environment for young children and ensures a smooth transition to School. Please contact the School Office for further information about availability of places.

We also admit pupils from avariety of local nurseries, including Sunrise Nursery which is located in the neighbouring Children's Centre and is run by a registered charity. We work closely with the nursery to transfer the new reception children into their new class happily and eagerly. As we all share the same site the school shares the infant hall with the nursery for PE and children visit school regularly during the summer term. This helps the children to become familiar with the school environment and ensures a smooth transition. For children who transfer from other providers arrangements are made for similar pre- school visits.

The children tell us that they love learning at our school!