Ofsted Report & DfE Performance Tables

Please find below links to reports about Willow Wood by external agencies which includes links to the Ofsted report and the DfE performance tables.

Willow Wood Community Primary School is proud to be recognised as a good school which delivers a high quality education for its pupils and families. 

View School Ofsted Report - see document at the bottom of the page.

Please follow the link below for information about our school in the Department for Education performance tables. 

Please be aware that as our school has a Resourced Provision for pupils with complex learning difficulties that the SATs results do not compare favourably with national results. For example in 2015, 22% of our Y6 pupils went on to special education and did not sit their SATs, so for our school 78% is the same as 100% in other schools. Our school is proud to be an inclusive school where all pupils thrive and achieve well. Please read our July 2015 OFSTED report and come and see us in action rather than judging the quality of the education we offer on our statistics.


If you would like any further information on aspects of school life please contact the Headteacher who would be delighted to show you around our lovely school.

Some Ofsted quotes...

Pupils enjoy their learning in all their subjects.

All groups of pupils achieve well in all key stages.

Pupils are taught well in reading, writing and mathematics.

Teachers' expectations of the quality of the pupils' work are high.

Pupils behave well. They are unfailingly polite and welcoming.

Pupils work hard in lessons and persevere with their work.

Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted well.

Pupils take pride in their work.

Teachers' enjoyment of reading is infectious.

Aspects of teaching are outstanding, pupils make fast progress when they are enthused by passionate and skilful teaching.

Disabled pupils and those with special education needs achieve well.

Good phonics teaching is a strength.

In reception pupils are well prepared for school life...they make good progress.

The most able pupils make good progress.

Support assistants are effective and skilled.

Parents play an important part in improving their child's attendance and helping them learn at home.

Pupils in the resourced provision make at least good progress in their work and some make exceptional progress. 



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