School Closure due to Coronavirus

Dear Parents/Carers


We now have clarity about what pupils Willow Wood can admit after we close on Friday.

From Monday 23rd March, we will be open from 8.45am until 3pm only for children of parents who meet any of the following criteria. However, please remember that the advice is that all children should not attend school unless it is absolutely necessary. Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.


  • Pupils who have an educational health care plan
  • Pupils who have a social worker
  • Pupils who have a parent/parents who have been catagorised by the government as being a key worker. Please see the link below for clarification of who this relates to:



If you meet any of the above criteria and have not already contacted the school and if you want your child to attend from Monday, then please do so as soon as you can – no later than noon today.  You can either email us on or ring us on 01606 593896. We will be contacting every parent who has expressed their preference for their child to attend the school on Friday to confirm their place.


Pupils will be able to attend for full weeks, part weeks or individual days.


The school day will look very different to what our pupils are used to. While there will be structure, as we feel this is important, our focus will be on keeping the children active, happy and safe. They will undertake lots of art, physical activities, mental well-being activities such as cosmic yoga, reading and plenty of time to socialise and play.


Current staff from Willow Wood will be staffing our child care provision each day on a rota. This will mean that different adults will be in school each day. There will be at least two members of the senior leadership team and at least one (usually two) first aiders in school every day.


As now, pupils will have a lunchtime and will either need to bring in a packed lunch or if they are currently eligible for a free school meal they can have a packed lunch provided by school.


Kind regards


Martin Bell