Year 5


Following our assembly in the morning, Mulberry class created a jigsaw piece to show that even though we are all unique, if you combine us together like a jigsaw, you have a completed outcome, in our case Mulberry class. We have drawn pictures to show what makes us who we are.

Also on Monday afternoon, we had Amy from the police force in to discuss the importance of Internet safety. PCSO Steve Bishop was also present for our Year 5 session. Amy taught us the acronyms SMART (which we often use in school) and THINK, which will help us to be aware when we post something online. She also made us think about what the Internet is good for, who we should discuss any concerns we have with, and most of all how to be safe online.

SMART reminds us to question what we are looking at, is it Safe? Should we Meet? Do we Accept anything? Is the source Reliable? And do we need to Tell? THINK makes us think whether what we are about to post is a good idea, as well as if we would say it to a person's face. Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

Amy told us that if we are feeling unsafe or unsure in a situation, apart from telling trusted adults who we know, she gave us an easy method to remember the number for Childline: 0800 1111. She also let us know of some websites that we could look at ourselves, and share with our grown-ups at home. There is the NSPCC site, and the 'thinkuknow' website. Both of these are full of useful information about being safe. We were also shown a video about a girl called Lucy who gets into a tricky situation. All of our adults need to watch this video: so they are aware too.

Finally, Amy discussed social media with us. All social media sites have an age limit, most of them it's 13, so if we have an account on any of them, our parents must be aware in case we are putting ourselves in a dangerous or vulnerable position if we have lied about our ages. Whatsapp has a limit of 16, mostly to protect us from people having access to our telephone number! 


During the afternoon, both Year 5 classes have been looking at a picture and discussed the role of bystanders. We then made it into a drama, thinking about what could be going through each character's head. We're not going to share our videos online yet, as we want to share it in our assembly on Friday.

Redwood used the jigsaw puzzle pieces to create an acrostic poem about ourselves. We are all unique, but combined together we make up the jigsaw that is Redwood class.

Redwood Anti-Bullying Activity


Today (Tuesday), we have been thinking about why we are unique and special. We have been creating acrostic poems which start with the first letters of our name. We have been thinking about quirks which make us special and individual. Apparently, Mr Shone is freaked out by seeing boats out of water but he is quite good at plumbing... Finlay can't wait for his next holiday and Mia is really good at mixing icecream and jelly-beans. Cason likes to think about popping water balloons under water and Lauren does a very good penguin walk. Jamie is proud of himself and Helen likes to have clean teeth.

It has been wonderful to find out so much about each other and we look forward to sharing what makes us special at the anti-bullying assembly on Friday.


Thank you for reading.