Crime Scene!

Date: 12th Sep 2017 @ 2:01am


Year 1 investigated a serious crime scene today.  The police had taped off the area in which a chair had become broken and a small bowl of porridge had been eaten.  Fortunately a big and medium sized bowl of porridge had been left untouched!


The children enjoyed exploring the crime scene, looking for clues to help identify the culprit.  

We had lots of ideas about who could have broken the chair...bears, crocodiles, vampires...and even  Mrs. Wilcockson! 


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Ms Tomlinson wrote:

What an exciting wow beginning to your topic Year 1!

I hope that you find the culprit! Let me know when you do!

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Mulberry class wrote:

Hello Year 1,
Was it fun investigating the crime scene? Did you find out who the culprit was? Whose house was it? In Mulberry class, we think we know who it was...!
Have fun investigating, from Mulberry

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MRS LEE wrote:

Great morning lots of detectives in the making so many questions asked .can't wait to see who is the culprit.

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Rachel cheshire wrote:

My boy was so excited about this he been telling me all about it and the three bears 😁
Well done teachers x

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