Nursery - Seedlings 2021 - 2022

Mrs Smith

Nursery Seedlings 2021 -2022

Some ideas of movement and exercise activites for your children.

Welcome to Seedlings!

Our door is always open if you have any worries or concerns, please come to see us!

We are very excited to welcome our children and families into our beautiful setting. We have amazing resources and areas for learning for our fantastic Seedlings!  We are looking forward to welcoming our new friends into our class.

The Seedlings team this year is: 

Mrs Smith,  Miss Gregory, Mrs Kay and Miss Farrell.



In Nursery this half term we will be focusing on a new story every 2 weeks, so this half term we will be looking at 'We're going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen, 'The bug collector' by Alex G Griffiths and 'If I were a grown up' by Woody.

Whilst sharing these books we will be looking at the characters, parts of the book, changing the endings and how the books make us feel

We will also be looking at making numbers equal, ordering and counting to 5, and 10, having a go at writing our own numerals. We will also be looking at 2D shapes and matching them to the faces of 3D shapes and using the 3D shapes to make models and buildings.

We will also be continuing to explore our environment, build friendships but talking and sharing with our friends, celebrate our differntnces and similarities and treat each other with kindness.


In Nursery we will be:

Singing our favourite nursery rhymes and songs

Making new friends

Moving in different ways during PE

Going on outdoor walks

Sharing new stories 

Role-playing in the home corner

Using all the areas of our classroom 

Learning how to look after all of our lovely resources.


The children will be continuing with Phase 1 phonics which is singing, hearing sounds and recognising rhyming and alliterative words alongside playing lots of listening games. We will also be looking at some letter sounds and singing our jolly phonics songs.


Here is a link to some information for parents on what to expect in the foundation stage.


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