Every Day Matters - Every Second Counts!

Please remember that all holidays should be booked to take place during school holidays. Headteachers are only able to authorise 'Leave of Absence' (LOA) during term time in exceptional circumstances such as terminal illness or bereavement.

Please complete the LOA request form and return to school. We will then arrange a meeting with you to discuss your request. Please remember that if your child has unauthorised leave for more than 5 days in any school year, this will attract a Fixed Penalty Notice of £60 per parent, per child. I have attached the letter from CW&C which reminds parents/carers that from September 2017, unless there are any exceptional circumstances, the Local Authority will be resuming the issuing of FPN’s for any unauthorised absence of 5 consecutive school days (10 sessions) or more during term time. 

Last year our whole school attendance rate was 93.8%, which is too low.

If your child's attendance drops below 96% then their learning will be affected.

This year we are aiming for 96%, which is in line with national expectations and our Winsford Education Partnership (WEP) target. 

Improving attendance is a focus of school improvement work and school has agreed the following trigger points.

Trigger 1 - Attendance falls below 96%; a letter will be sent home to explain that attendance is close to the danger zone where a child's learning will be adversely affected.

Trigger 2 - Attendance falls below 95%; a second letter will be sent to inform family that attendance will be closely monitored for 4 weeks.

Trigger 3 - Attendance falls below 94%; an attendance meeting will be held between parentcarers and members of the school attendance team (Headteacher, Governors, Family Worker, Class Teacher, Attendance Officer). An attendance plan will be agreed and reviewed fortnightly.


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