Please find below some of our school policies which you may find useful and interesting.

If there are any other policies you would like to see published on the website please let the School Office know. A signed copy of the policy is available to view at the School Office.

School has adopted the Local Authority's complaints procedure. We are keen to deal with any concerns raised quickly and effectively before they grow into complaints. Please let us know if you have a concern by talking to your child's class teacher, School Business Manager, Phase Leader, Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher. We will work with you to resolve your concern.

If you then have an unresolved complaint please follow the Complaints Procedure. A copy of this procedure is available from Mrs Tolley, School Business Manager, who also acts as our Complaints Co-ordinator.

Good and regular attendance is vital to support a child's learning, as concepts build day by day. As a good school we value good attendance and want our children to be in school every day they are well. All the schools in Winsford have a adopted the WEP Attendance Policy, which is due to be reviewed in 2017-18. At Willow Wood, our School Councillors lead on promoting and rewarding good attendance. Red, amber and green certificates are issued each term and the Councillors decide on the rewards. We understand that children can't help being poorly and if they are ill then we want them to stay at home and get well soon. As we reward attendance termly, rather than annually, children will have 3 opportunities a year to strive to achieve a green certificate. 

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