Exciting news in Reception!

Date: 11th Mar 2019 @ 3:57pm

Wow, we had a special surprise for the children today. A man from Living Eggs came and delivered an incubator and 10 eggs! 

Keep looking on this blog to keep updated with their progress. So far today we have written our chick rules, estimated how many will hatch and thought about what we will call them.

Wednesday 13th March

The chicks have hatched!

It was another exciting morning in Reception! The children had just finished the register when we had noticed that one of the chicks had started to hatch. We invited Nursery and Lilac to watch too. Here is a time lapse of the actual moment the chicks hatched!!!! 

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Ms Tomlinson wrote:

How very exciting to watch new life hatching from the eggs. I know that you will all look after the chicks and help to take care of them. I like your ideas for names and your estimates for how many chicks will hatch.

I'll come and have a look tomorrow!

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Macie johnston wrote:

Hope Johnston wouldn't stop talking about the chicks

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Heather Hadley wrote:

Was it good for your chiked

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