Happy New Year and Celebration Assembly!

Date: 13th Jan 2018 @ 7:44pm

Happy New Year!

It was lovely to welcome children and staff back to school on Monday. During assembly we agreed that the spring term is all about, 'Learning, learning, learning' and I challenged the children to think about setting themselves a target; something they want to get better at this term. This term's theme is, 'Are we there yet?' which is a geography based topic so look out for your curriculum letter which will tell you more about what your child is going to learn this term and how parents and carers can help.

Our Friday Celebration Assembly is a highlight of the week. Teachers choose a child who has demonstrated the 'Willow Wood Way' by striving for excellence.

This week these were the children who were recognised:

Max, Y1 Ash for good work and making good choices.

Grace, Y1 Oak for an amazing first week at Willow Wood.

Phoebe, Y2 Maple for a super explanation of fractions.

Evie, Y2 Palm for excellent fraction work.

Maisie, Y3 Juniper for completing extra work at home - a story and practising fractions.

Mylee-Mai,Y3 Hazel returning to school smiling and ready to work hard.

Gracie-Lou, Y4 Magnolia for working hard and making a suoer start to the year.

Marci, Y5 Mulberry for helping welcome Miss Bevan to Willow Wood and working hard.

Jaiden, Y5 Redwood for working hard during his time at Willow Wood and goodbye and good luck in his new school.

Connor, Y6 Lilac for great writing.

Lexi, Y6 Cherry for displaying a great attitude to learning

Aaron, Y6 Elm for improved attitude to learning and trying his best.

Remarkable Readers were:

Megan, Y1 Ash

Joseph, Y1 Ash

Violet, Y2 Maple

Shania, Y2 Palm

Leon,Y3 Hazel

Aaron, Y3 Juniper

Lewis, Y4 Magnolia

Aaron, Y5 Mulberry

Oliver, Y5 Redwood

Keira, Y5 Lilac 

Macie, Y6 Cherry

Bella, Y6 Elm 

Well done and thank you for setting such a good example!

Have you ever wondered how we reward the children who are in the right place at the right time with the right equipment and who consistently try their best? 

Pupils are rewarded team points for good effort, good attitude and good behaviour. All the pupil and staff are in either the Orange, Yellow, Blue or Green team. This week Orange team gained 106 points, Yellow team scored 140 points and joint first were Green and Blue team with 145 points.

Congratulations to all those children who gained points for their team!

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