Learning Outside the Classroom

Date: 11th Mar 2018 @ 6:30pm

At Willow Wood we really value learning in that big outdoor classroom!

I love to see the children out in our school grounds whether they are carrying out a Science investigation, taking part in active maths, developing their physical skills, engaging in Forest Schools or smiling for a mile!

This week I really felt for myself why learning outdoors is so important as I spent time in the forest at Beeston with our Y3 pupils as they built dens from found materials and took great delight in swinging each other in hammocks.

Being outside made me feel more, joyful, relaxed, engaged, healthy and purposeful. As I watched the children rise to the challenge they were set to construct a den which they could shelter in overnight, I could see how well they were able to co-operate, work as a team, listen to each others' idea and work with focus to achieve a shared goal. They also ran, laughed, helped each other to carry big branches, negotiated and squealed with delight as their friends took turns at rocking them in the hammock.

A perfect learning experience!

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