Love, Joy and Learning!

Date: 18th Feb 2019 @ 2:23pm

I have been thinking about what I want to achieve in my last term and a half as Headteacher at Willow Wood Community Primary School.


I want to leave a happy, healthy school, which is full of love, joy and learning. We recently received a lovely remark from our School Improvement Partner (SIP), “Never lose the Willow Wood welcome!”


This is something I am very proud of because it is important to me that everybody feels welcome and included at Willow Wood as feeling that you belong is a basic human need that we all have.


As I walk around school it is good to see the happy smiles on the faces of children and staff and to hear the sound of laughter wafting down the corridors. I also notice how quietly and smartly the children enter for assembly and how they listen well and contribute eagerly. When I enter the classrooms, I notice how busy and engaged children and staff are in their learning and how they try their best and support and encourage each other.


I also love to stand on the playground during playtime and to watch the children being active and forming and strengthening relationships. On occasion children fall out, which is natural, and they know to go to a trusted adult if they need help. Our staff team is amazing at listening to the children and encouraging and challenging them to sort out their friendship issues where they can, which is an important lesson for life.


I also like to stand by the gate to meet and greet our children and family members as they run, skip and walk into another day of exciting learning at Willow Wood.

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