Mulberry at Beeston

Date: 14th Mar 2019 @ 3:54pm

Wow! What a trip!

Year 3 visited Beeston. The children had a great time exploring the area, hunting for footprints and braving the winds of Storm Gareth. 

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Paige wrote:

Corbon loved it and hasn’t shut up about it since he got home :) looks like they had a great time there

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Ms Tomlinson wrote:

It was a pleasure to spend time with you all at Beeston. What a delight to join you on your first residential! I was impressed by your teamwork, enthusiastic orienteering skills and how much chocolate cake, jelly and ice-cream you ate!!

Thank you for the memories Mulberry!

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Tricia Simpson wrote:

The kids all look like they have had a great time

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Felona soares wrote:

I had fun and my favourite part was the candle workshop. Thank you for Mrs Bevan and Mrs Green helping me.

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Hayley wrote:

Lily said she had a great time, and would go again! 😃 They all look like they had a fab time

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bella wrote:

hi year 3 mulberry i'm so happy that my little sister heather went because when she got home she told me and my family that she missed us and she had a great time there her best part was making a candle and the colours were blue and yellow . and when she was gone i could not sleep with out her but i was happy when she came back she had great fun there by heather and her big sister bella

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tia wrote:

it’s lovely 😊🧞‍♀️😘🙂🙃😚🤓

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Felona Soares wrote:

I loved the candle factory

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Looks like Gracie had a fun time

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