On line learning week beginning 22nd Febrary 2021

Date: 12th Feb 2021 @ 3:17pm

On line learning week beginning 22nd February 2021 

Welcome back Seedlings, we hope you had a lovely, relaxing adn safe half term.

This half term our topic is traditional tales. We are going to be looking at a new traditional tale each week. 

This week's story is Goldilocks and the three bears. Along with talking about the story we are going to be thinking about size and using words such as large, middle sized and small, larger and smaller. 

Have a listen to this version of Goldilocks and the three bears. 



Have a go at making some porridge like the three bears, do you like any toppings on your porridge? 

Have a look at the porridge before you make it and when it cooked, can you see any differences in it? 

Can you find 3 objects in your house? One small, one medium and one large, can you put them in order from the smallest to the largest? 

Can you then find something smaller than you and something larger than you? 

Can you draw a picture of the three bears, remember, one of the bears should be small, one should be middle size and one should be large. 

Using your home learning pack, can you match the correct size objects to the correct bears? 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Size Sorting Activity 


Have a go at this size on line activity. Get your adult to read you the sentences and you answer the questions. 



Ok, so here’s an energetic one for you. I want you to do 10 jumps, 5 hops on each leg, run on the spot for the count of 20 and then 10 star jumps. After all that see what happens to your body? Can you tell your grown up what happens to your body after you have done those activities? 

Have a go at this cosmic kids yoga, going on a bear hunt. 



Using your home learning pack can you make some 3 Bears puppets and retell the story to your grown up, ask them to video it and put it on tapestry so that we can see your fabulous stories. 


 Please will you take a photograph or video of your child doing these activities and upload it to Tapestry. 

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