Our author of this half term

Date: 11th Sep 2017 @ 4:31pm

Our Author this half term is ....

Jenny Nimmo



Jenny Nimmo was born in Windsor, Berkshire, England on January 15th, 1944

She is a British author of children's books.


Can you find out any other facts about Jenny Nimmo?

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Freya Gollins wrote:

As a child Anne Fine loved to read The magic faraway tree by Enid Blyton.
When she was younger she thought books were born on library shelvs.
Her book madame doubtfire was turned into the film Mrs doubtfire.
She loves to read in the bath.
She was born in leicester.

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Scarlett Ruddy wrote:

Anne Fine studied politics and History at university.
Her first job was in a girls secondary school.
She has 2 children both are girls and 7 grandchildren.

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Katlin Trelfa Hamlett wrote:

Facts about Anne fine.

1. She was born in Leicester.
2. She was married to kit fine.
3.One of her children's books is Madame Doubtfire. Wich whas made into a film called Mrs Doubtfire.
4. She isn't very interested in sport.

flick wrote:

1.she was born in Lester .
2.she isn't very interested in sport.

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Macauley simmons wrote:

Anne fine was born in Leicester.she won a guardian prize a smarties prize two Whitbread awards and she was twice the children's author of the year. Her work has been translated into 45 languages.

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Niamh McVeigh wrote:

Anne's primary school teacher was rather grumpy. He used to make them write a lot. Anne was a secondary school teacher. Anne went to university. She had two daughters, seven grandchildren and she had a huge hairy Bernese mountain dog.

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phoebe crawford wrote:

Anne fine has 7 grand kids and when she was little she never thought that she would be a writer when she was older.She writes her books with a 2Bpencil.she was given an OBE IN 203.

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Oliver haslehurst wrote:

Anne fine was born in Leicester. Some of her work includes goggle eyes, flour babies and Madame doubtfire. She enjoys reading in the bath. She has written over 50 books.

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Hannah-Grace Griffiths wrote:

Anne Fine , OBE FRSL is an English writer, best known for children's books although she also writes for adults . she is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and she was appointed an OBE in 2003.she was born December 7 1947 age 69 born in Leicester.

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Rou Gladas wrote:

Anne Fine was born in the 7th of Desember 1947 is an English writer. she was appointed an obe in 2003.Anne studied at the university of Warwick.She writes children's literature and some adults...Notable works,Madame doubtfire,goggle eyes and flower babies. Anne also likes reading and in the bath!

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Harry Copeland wrote:

Anne Fine was born in Leicester on 7 December 1947.
She has a degree in politics from Warwick University.
She has 2 children and was married to Kit Fine.
She lives in county durham.
She writes books for children and adults.
Her books have been written in over 45 languages around the world.
She supports the let books be books campaign to get publishers not to make books for boys and books for girls.

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Steven bryning wrote:

Anne fine is an English writer who is best known for writing children's books, she also writes for adults. She's a fellow of the Royal society of literature and got an OBE in 2003.

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Harvey fidler wrote:

Anne FIne has written over 50 childrens book and has also written some adult books. Anne Fine has lived in the united states and canada. Anne said she would really like to be a good singer. When Anne was in school she learnt french and spanish.

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Leah T wrote:

Anne Fine reads in the bath.
She writes with a 2B pencil.
She wrote The Diary of a Killer Cat.

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Lilly wrote:

Anne Fine has written over 50 books.
She reads in the bath.
She wrote Madame Doubtfire which has been made into a movie.

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Harvey wrote:

Anne Fine has written over 50 books.
She reads in the bath.
She wrote Madame Doubtfire which was made into the film Mrs Doubtfire.

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Felicity Skarratts wrote:

Anne fine is 69 years old and wrote over 50 books she loves reading in the bath and writes all her books with a 2b pencil. The book she wrote madame Doubtfire Was turned into the film Mrs Doubtfire.
One thing she wants to do is be a good singer

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