Redwood Anti-Bullying Activity

Date: 14th Nov 2017 @ 9:39pm

Redwood Anti-Bullying Activity


Today, we have been thinking about why we are unique and special. We have been creating acrostic poems which start with the first letters of our name. We have been thinking about quirks which make us special and individual. Apparently, Mr Shone is freaked out by seeing boats out of water but he is quite good at plumbing... Finlay can't wait for his next holiday and Mia is really good at mixing icecream and jelly-beans. Cason likes to think about popping water balloons under water and Lauren does a very good penguin walk. Jamie is proud of himself and Helen likes to have clean teeth.

It has been wonderful to find out so much about each other and we look forward to sharing what makes us special at the anti-bullying assembly on Friday.


Thank you for reading.

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Ms Tomlinson wrote:

I am looking forward to hearing your poems at our anti-bullying assembly for parents and carers on Friday.

Well done Redwood!

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Mia wrote:

I've also invented a new word to describe me in the mornings... Moany !
But I soon cheer up when the ice cream starts to flow!

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