Year 2 Julia Donaldson

Date: 28th Sep 2017 @ 7:36pm

Author of the half term

This half term we are looking at the wonderful stories written by Julia Donaldson.  

Today we went to the library and the librarian told us about our author of the half term and then read us a book that she wrote called The Detective Dog.  We know why she chose that one! ... it's all about books and the library!

Did you know...

Julia Donaldson has written 204 books!

Which of her books have her read?

Can you find and facts about her ? 

Click on her photo and post what you find out!


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jacoby wrote:

this school is grate thank you for all youv done

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Ms Tomlinson wrote:

Fabulous Year 2!

Isn't it nice to have a story read to you? We are so lucky to have this amazing library just over the road from us!

I love, 'Room on the Broom'!

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Bella and Heather wrote:

Hi everyone in maple and palm classes ' me and Bella like Julia donaldson because I klike reading her reading books and I have learned a lot about her its fun good great funny and I love the pictures of the library its and also I like are new friend in maple her name is Alisa and she is Heathers best friend they get on good together by Bella from Elm class with Mr Aspanll

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