Year 2 Synagogue Trip

Date: 7th Jun 2018 @ 8:35pm

What a fabulous day we had visiting Liverpool Synagogue!  The man talking to us was super impressed with all the children's knowledge about the Jewish faith and the Synagogue - he was trying hard to catch us out but there was only 1 question they couldn't answer!

After the visit to the Synagogue we went to Sefton Park for our lunch and a little play on the park.  We obviously tired them all out as some of the children fell asleep on the bus! (check out the photos below ;-))

Year 2 can you add all the facts you know about the Jewish faith below?

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Ms Tomlinson wrote:

Fabulous Y2. So glad you enjoyed your visit to the Synagogue.

I hear that there was lots of awe and wonder and that you could share all your good knowledge about the Jewish faith.

Well done!

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Jenny wrote:

Yad means hand in Jewish from kelsie

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Boys and men have to sit separate to girls and women so that they don't distract each other. By Ebony

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Lexi wrote:

Jewish people are not allowed to use electricity on Saturday.

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Hayleigh wrote:

The huge Torah's are kept in a big ark.

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Kaya wrote:

Men and boys have to wear a kippah when they go into a synagogue.

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Gracie wrote:

Boys and men wear a tallit to help them pray.

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Max wrote:

You cant touch the torah with your hands because it will get dirty.

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Oliver C wrote:

The torah is written in Hebrew. You read it from right to left.

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Ellie-May wrote:

In the synagogue the eternal light never goes out.

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