Year 5 Wedding

Date: 22nd May 2019 @ 2:38pm

Today we had a fantastic mock wedding. Below are some photos of this fantastic event.

A special thank you to Ron (our link govenor) and Ms Tomlinson for attending. 

Year 6 and all staff that attended, you were great witnesses so thank you for joining us.

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Kelsey Latham wrote:

I really enjoyed this mock wedding and I would like to thank Ms Turnbull for planning it for us
[Hazel class].

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Louise wrote:

I really enjoyed it!

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Rose stanton wrote:

Thank you every one the wedding was amazing . I looked through the photos and have seen the ones I took . Let me know Morgan and Erin where you are going on your honey moon.

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Ms Tomlinson wrote:

Thank you for inviting me Y5. I found the ceremony to be an uplifting and moving occasion as you all played your parts so convincingly. There was a lovely supportive atmosphere and good to hear how well you had worked on understanding the vows and the meaning of the marriage ceremony.

Thank you to Tim and Robin for welcoming us to their beautiful church. We are fortunate at Willow Wood to have you as active partners in our school community.

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Hope Wraxall wrote:

It was a really fun experience I rate it 5 stars

[Hazel class]

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Ellie - Mai Johnson wrote:

I loved how we all were nice to each other.Rose great job on the pictures.If Morgan and Erin are going on a holiday IM COMING!Yes I really enjoyed it ❤️.Thanks Hazel!

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