Nursery - Seedlings 2020 - 2021

Mrs Smith

Nursery Seedlings 2020 -2021

Some ideas of movement and exercise activites for your children.

Welcome to Seedlings!

Our door is always open if you have any worries or concerns, please come to see us!

We are very excited to welcome our children and families into our beautiful setting. We have amazing resources and areas for learning for our fantastic Seedlings!  We are looking forward to welcoming our new friends into our class.

The Seedlings team this year is: 

Mrs Smith, Mrs Ridgway and Miss Gregory.



Our Theme for this Spring half term : Traditional tales.

In Nursery we will be thinking about lots of differnt traditional tales, we will be retelling these stories, activng out these stories and even haveing a go at making up our own stories.

We will be taking turns, sharing, making new friends singing songs, playing instruments, building, painting, exploring the sand, water and play dough. Counting, looking at shapes and patterns, thinking about our homes and the world around us.


In Nursery we will be:

  • Singing our favourite nursery rhymes and songs

  • Making new friends

  • Moving in different ways during PE

  • Going on outdoor walks

  • Sharing new stories 

  • Role-playing in the home corner

  • Using all the areas of our classroom 

  • Learning how to look after all of our lovely resources.


The children will be continuing with Phase 1 phonics which is singing, hearing sounds and recognising rhyming and alliterative words alongside playing lots of listening games. We will also be looking at some letter sounds and singing our jolly phonics songs.


This half term we will be continuing to count and sing number songs. Recapping both 2D and 3D shapes as well as thinking about mathematical language such as, taller, shorter, round, flat lage and small etc. As well as comparing differnt amounts of objects.

Please help your child by singing number songs, such as 5 currant buns, or 5 little ducks and seeing what shapes or numbers you can find in your home or local environment. You could even have a go at trying to write some numbers you see.


Here is a link to some information for parents on what to expect in the foundation stage.


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