Year 5 Learning Activities

Year 5 Homework - please also read everyday and fill in your diary 


Write a daily diary each day. Describe what you have been doing.



Research information about an animal of your choice and create an information poster.


Write a description of a character from a book.


Learn year 5 spellings (in your pack).



Practice number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.


Create a fact file about a country.


Learn year 3/4 spellings.



Write a list of prefixes and find words with them in.


Learn the times tables you’re not sure about. Record them in the book you have been give.


Write a list of 2D and 3D shapes you can find in your house, name them and list their properties (eg sides, corners, faces etc)




Create a word search based on some of your spellings.


Practise your musical instrument.