Reception Learning Activities

Use your number cards in your reading diary to use as flashcards to learn your numbers to 20.


Can you place the numbers in order?

Watch Jolly Phonics, Big Numbers Song, Tricky Words (sight words) and Tricky Words Phase 3 on YouTube

  • Play a game
  • Build a model
  • Do a puzzle

What would you like to do?


Can you go on a shape hunt around your home? What 2D and 3D shapes can you find e.g. A tin of beans is a cylinder.


Can you find something that is a square, circle, rectangle, triangle, cone, cube, cuboid or cylinder?


Draw pictures of what you find.

Can you make a healthy meal? Remember treats are allowed!

Practice the tricky word cards from the back of your reading diary.


Can you put each tricky word into a sentence e.g. WE – We are staying at home today.


THE – The boy is playing with his toys.


You can just say or write down the sentences.

Design a superhero.

-Give it a superhero name

- What superhero power does it have?

-Write a sentence about your superhero.

Sheet – order your routine for getting ready for bed.


You can cut out and stick the pictures in order or ask an adult to help you write a list in order.

Sheet – Complete a subtraction (Take- away) sheet.

Read a story.


Can you draw me a picture and write a sentence about your favourite part?

Use your number cards and objects to find number bonds to 10. E.g. 5+5=10, 0+10=10, 2+8=10

Sheet – Complete a superhero addition sheet.

Sheet – Match the captions to the correct picture.

Paint a picture or make a collage.

Complete the road safety sheet in your pack.

Can you write your numbers? How far can you get?

Hi Reception, hope you are all being good and enjoying some time with your families. Keep checking this page and we will share ideas of things that you may like to try at home as well as different websites for you to explore.

This week my children have enjoyed exploring shadows and painting a rainbow.

Exploring Shadows

Explore a selection of toys, move them around to see how the shadows change. What position gives you the best shadow?

Choose your favourite shadow and draw around it. Go out at different times of the day and draw around each new shadow in a different coloured pen. What happens to the shadow as the day goes by?

Can you use your body in different ways to make shadow puppets?

Make a rainbow

Why not get out the paints, pens, collage etc and create a rainbow. You may have heard that lots of people are making a rainbow and putting it up in their windows. Then go out for a walk with your grown up and see how many you can find. This will help bring a smile to everyone who sees your beautiful artwork whilst getting out for some fresh air.

Dough Disco

See the attached files below on how to do a dough disco at home.


Useful Websites

GoNoodle - videos designed to get kids moving.
 (You can also access GoNoodle videos on YouTube)

Don't forget to watch these from your learning activities grid. These videos will really help your children to remember their phonics and numbers.

Watch Jolly Phonics, Big Numbers Song, Tricky Words (sight words) and Tricky Words Phase 3 on YouTube


Have some fun make a paper aeroplane! 

Files to Download